Why Everyone Wants Granite for Their Spokane Valley Countertops

When homebuyers today are looking at a house, they may have many different requirements for it to be their ideal home. But most modern homebuyers have at least one common denominator on their checklists: granite countertops. But why? Why does everyone seem to need their Spokane Valley countertops to be granite?

Let’s break it down, and see if we can discover the true reason everyone seems to need granite countertops in Spokane Valley, WA.

Because Life Is Busy Enough

One of the major reasons people cite for wanting granite countertops in Spokane Valley, Washington, is that they’re easy to maintain. And, when properly sealed, this is absolutely true. Granite usually requires just a wipe down, and is resistant to stains, dents, and scratches. In fact, you can place hot pots and pans directly on the counter, and even chop your produce on the granite without worrying about any damage.

It’s little wonder that this is a major appeal for modern homeowners. Studies have shown that people today are busier than ever before. They have more demands on their time, and more expectations of them. So, with all that on your shoulders, it’s not a surprise that nobody wants to take the time to scrub grout lines of a tile countertop, or scrub stains out of laminate. When people are looking at Spokane Valley countertops, they don’t want anything that’s going to make their lives any more complicated than they already are.

Because It Offers Permanence

It’s a fast-paced, ever-changing world. And in that kind of environment, who wouldn’t want to add a little bit of stability to their lives? It might seem a little strange at first, but when you’re making an investment like buying a home or upgrading your current one, people want the assurance that it’s a long-term investment.

Spokane Valley granite countertops offer incredible durability, and simply give a home that feeling of being here to stay. That little bit of permanence can feel like a real luxury in today’s world.

Because It’s Completely Unique

So many things today are mass-produced and have thousands (if not millions) of identical copies around the world. It’s easy to start feeling like you live in a bit of a cookie-cutter world. But a lot of modern consumers are getting pretty tired of that feeling. Other materials, like quartz countertops in Spokane Valley, simply don’t offer the uniqueness that granite offers.

Granite countertops in Spokane Valley, Washington, are all completely unique. Every slab has a one-of-a-kind grain and coloring that is unlike any other slab of granite out there. Knowing that your countertops are entirely unique gives homeowners a sense of satisfaction that can’t be matched with mass-produced materials.

Because It’s a Statement

Above all, people want their Spokane Valley countertops to make a statement about who they are as homeowners. Granite has long had a reputation of being a high-end material, and having them in your home is a way of saying, “I have arrived.” It says that you’re not settling for the cheapest thing available. It says you live a lifestyle that is comfortable, yet sensible; that you’re trendy, but reliable.

Granite countertops in Spokane Valley, WA, have become a central piece of the American Dream in the 21st Century. It’s no longer enough to just own a home. If you really want to say that you’ve reached the American Dream, you need to own a home with granite countertops. Above all, they are a representation of a lifestyle—one that every American is striving for.

If you’re looking for Spokane Valley countertops, contact us at Cornerstone Granite and Tile. We are experts in granite installation and offer superior workmanship on every project. Whatever your reasons for wanting granite countertops, we’ll get them installed for you with expert precision at a price you can afford. Contact us for a quote on your project today.

What You Should Know Before Getting Granite Countertops in Spokane Valley

Granite is, by and large, the most popular natural material for countertops. In fact, granite countertops in Spokane Valley have become almost a standard in new home constructions, and tend to be the go-to choice during any kitchen upgrade. People choose this material for a number of reasons, but if you’re deciding whether you want granite or quartz countertops in Spokane Valley, or are considering another material, here’s what you should know about using granite in your kitchen.

What Is Granite?

First, it’s important to understand exactly what this material is. Granite is a naturally occurring stone that is quarried in countries all around the world. It is an igneous rock, which means it is formed from the gradually crystallization of magma beneath the earth’s surface. This makes it an extremely sturdy and durable material.

What Does It Look Like?

Every slab of granite is entirely unique. Even slabs cut from the same section of a quarry will have different patterns and color variations in the stone. In a way, a slab of granite is much like your own fingerprints; they might look similar, but in reality, each one is unique.

Granite comes in a wide range of colors, from neutral grays and browns to rich reds, blues, and greens. The colors appear in small flecks or crystals for a more uniform look than the swirling patterns of marble.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

There’s a reason granite countertops in Spokane Valley, WA, are so popular; this material comes with a long list of pros. Here are some of the major ones:

  • Extremely durable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Acid resistant
  • Dent and scratch resistant
  • Easy maintenance (just wipe clean)
  • Unique beauty in every slab
  • More affordable than most other natural stones

Of course, there are a handful of cons to getting granite countertops in Spokane Valley, Washington, as well. It’s important that you are aware of them, so you have all the information when making this decision:

  • Absorbs oils quickly
  • Lighter colors may stain
  • Need to be sealed regularly

Most people who weigh the pros and cons of granite countertops in Spokane Valley find that the pros greatly outweigh the cons. However, each person’s needs are different, so be sure to take all these factors into consideration when making your decision.

What Does It Cost?

The exact cost of Spokane Valley granite countertops is going to vary widely based on the quality of the slab you use, the color of the granite (with blue being the most expensive), the thickness of the slab, the edge treatment, whether or not you want a backsplash in the same material, and other important factors.

The cost for the granite itself can range from $10 per square foot up to $170 per square foot, while installation and fabrication costs can vary between $40 and $100 per square foot. Ultimately, you want to get a professional quote on your granite countertops in Spokane Valley. However, it’s important to note that Spokane Valley granite countertops are generally among the cheapest stone countertop options available. Both marble and quartz countertops in Spokane Valley will cost you more.

How Is It Installed?

First, please don’t try to install granite on your own. This is an extremely heavy material that is difficult to manage and requires professional expertise. You need to work with a business that specializes in Spokane Valley granite countertops.

It’s also important to know that your cabinets will need to be installed before the slab can be cut. You will need precise measurements from the cabinet surfaces to ensure a proper fit for your granite countertops in Spokane Valley. If you’re replacing an old countertop and keeping your original cabinets, note that the cabinets may need to be reinforced in order to support the weight of the granite slab.

Once the granite has been cut, it will be carefully installed, and checked to ensure that the slab is perfectly level. You should then have it sealed, to help prevent stains and make the granite more resistant to oils.

If you’re considering getting granite countertops in Spokane Valley, contact us at Cornerstone Granite and Tile. We are experts in handling granite and many other stone countertop materials, and provide exceptional service, affordable prices, and unbeatable workmanship on every project we handle. Contact us today to get a quote on your granite countertops.

5 Ways to Save Money When Installing Granite Countertops

Not too long ago, granite countertops were somewhat of a rare luxury. Only the most expensive homes had them, and they often acted as a bit of a status symbol. But now, granite counters are more of a staple in the average American home. In fact, it’s one of the most common things that homebuyers are looking for in a home’s kitchen.

But granite doesn’t come cheap, and if you’re already looking to buy Spokane granite at wholesale prices, then you’re probably looking for other ways to save money too. Here are 5 ways to cut costs on this popular kitchen upgrade.

Shop Local

While getting Spokane granite at wholesale is a great start to saving money on your counters, you should also make sure you’re looking at local granite suppliers. Why? Granite is heavy, and expensive to ship. So, if you shop with a supplier that ships their granite in from another country, there’s going to be a large markup on the price. Even wholesale granite, when shipped over great distances, can become quite pricey.

So look for granite suppliers that get their granite from a local stone yard, and can also fabricate and install local granite countertops. The fewer hands on the project, the less it’s going to cost you—and the less of a headache you’ll get dealing with all the various parties.

Ask about Remnants

The most popular option for local granite countertops is to find whole granite slabs for sale. Buying an entire slab allows you to get a single piece over all your countertop space, without any seams. While this is ideal, a slab is going to cost you quite a bit more than remnants would. Remnants are, as the name implies, the remaining pieces from other countertop installations.

While remnants won’t give you that nice, seamless look, they can work well if you don’t have a ton of countertop space to cover. So, when you’re looking at granite slabs for sale, be sure to ask your granite suppliers if you can see their remnants as well. You might be surprised by what they have available.

Consider the Color

Certain colors of granite are going to cost more than others. There are many factors that determine Spokane granite wholesale prices, but here are a few things to know:

  • Blues, reds, and purples are quite rare, and so will often cost more.
  • Red and brown granite tend to be harder to cut, so that can drive up the cost too.
  • Lighter colors like beige, white, and light greens are more common and easier to cut, so they are often the cheapest options.

If you have your heart set on a certain color, you may want to find other ways to cut costs. But if you’re open to other options for your wholesale granite, ask to see some other colors before you decide.

Pick the Right Edging Style

When buying Spokane granite at wholesale prices, you might be focused on the cost of the granite slabs for sale. But this is just the beginning of the costs on your project. If you’re trying to cut costs, you’ll want to keep labor expenses down as well. One way to do this is to make sure you’re picking an inexpensive edging style.

Many granite suppliers and installers charge extra for special edging styles. So when you’re offered a selection of edging designs, make sure you ask about the costs associated with each one.

Opt for a Thinner Slab

Did you know that granite can come in different thicknesses? Thicker granite slabs for sale are going to cost more, so if you want to save some money on your local granite countertops, ask to see some thinner slabs. The standard for most Spokane granite wholesale suppliers is to provide three-centimeter slabs, but you can ask for two-centimeter slabs if you wish.

For everyday use, the thinner granite slabs should work just fine in terms of durability. However, you’ll notice a significant difference in the look of the counters, and might find it’s worth the extra cost for the three-centimeter slabs.

Finding Spokane granite for wholesale prices doesn’t have to be a chore, and getting local granite countertops in your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you use these five tips when talking to granite suppliers, you should be able to get wholesale granite at a price you can afford.