Granite Countertops Spokane РGranite, Marble, Quartz, Zodiaq, Tile and Silestone

Granite Countertops Spokane –¬†At Cornerstone Granite & Tile we are proud to design and install beautiful and exclusive counter tops in residential and commercial properties in Spokane area to give your property a new look. Our creations have amplified wine cellars, wet bars, bathroom vanity units, kitchen islands, kitchen counter tops and bar counters.


Marble countertops have been used since thousands of years to beautify building surfaces. It comes in different types of patterns along with huge variety of color options to choose from. Marble surfaces are so long lasting that they will outlast the building since they are installed in.


Granite is a famous type of natural stone that is strong and long lasting. It has been used in buildings for thousands of years, and was a popular building material in ancient Egypt. Granite countertops not only add beauty to your property but are also endurable. Granite countertops come in variety of colors and patterns to add grace to your kitchen as dreamt of by you.


Tile counter tops are a popular option because of the flexibility that tiles provide. Tiles are easy to transport and are available in a variety of sizes, materials, textures and colors. It is therefore easy to mix tiles in an installation to provide different areas of color and texture. Tiles are resistant to heat and moisture, so they are ideal for use in kitchen counter tops.


Zodiaq is a type of engineered stone material, made of quartz crystal held together with acrylic resin with added coloring. Zodiaq forms an ideal surface for counter tops and walls in residential and commercial premises. Unlike natural stone products, Zodiaq countertops has the advantage of being non-porous hence does not need sealants.


Quartz countertops are made from slabs of quartz engineered stone. This man-made material consists of quartz and resin, and has qualities that are similar to granite. These qualities include resistance to heat, moisture ingress, scratching and staining.

Silestone Countertops

Silestone is a man-made composite material made from quartz and resin. Silestone is hard wearing and has many color options. Silestone countertops is popular for providing surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and other uses giving them an elegant look.

  • Pricing

    Exterior Decks$6576
    Masonry Works$3074
    Water Features$2845
    Water Proofing$2590
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does granite stone cost?

    Granite is priced per square foot, where is from, & quality of materials. Starting at $10.00 per square foot.

    Which stone is better quartz or granite or marble for a kitchen countertop?

    this is a very conflicting question but our option is quartz is a better product for a kitchen countertop because it’s denser and stain resistant.

    How long does it take to have countertops installed?

    On average within one week.

    Can I pot a hot pot on granite?


    Do Granite seams show?

    Yes depending on materials used.