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A Mason is someone who is responsible to construct the walls of your house – be it your own independent bungalow or the apartment you choose to live in. If the foundation is not right, there is always a risk of the building collapsing at any point in time. That is why, it is very important for you to ensure that the start of the build is perfect so that how many ever towers you build upon it, it will stand strong for a long period of time.

Basic services offers by Masonry Spokane

Every Mason and the company is different, but if we talk about Mason works and services in general, then they bring forth the following services:

  1. Interior remodeling: This covers all the areas of the house, be it bedroom, kitchen, bathroom
  2. Wall Constructions: This is the basis of any construction
  3. Building basements: If you want to have a basement for your house, then a mason can help you with it.
  4. Mud Rooms: This is usually used for storage spaces, conversions.
  5. Designing and Framing: If you hire a mason at the initial stages of the construction, they will help you with designing and framing as well.
  6. Tile placements: The masons are the one who will give you a framework of each tile and its placement.

Other Services include

  • Flooring and dry walls
  • Trim
  • Painting

Why should you choose us?                                

If you come to CornerStone, you will be amazed by the quality of work we provide when it comes to Masonry Spokane. We have the best folks on board, and we believe in delivering the highest quality of work within the stipulated time frames. For us, our customers are our top priority and hence, we offer a wide range of services to anybody who reaches out to us. Our list of services include –

  • Rock Walls Masonry Work: Under this, we use rocks to construct strong and sturdy walls. The rocks can be the choice of customers, or we use the best based on requirement
  • Cultured Rock Masonry Work: This is a subclass of Rocks masonry work that we offer. On demand of our customers, we offer cultured rock masonry work as well.
  • Brick Walls: If the customer is not sure of what they want, and the requirements are quite basic, then we offer the foundation – brick walls masonry work as well.
  • Shower Mud Pan: This is our specialization where this service is offered to all those customers who are looking for exclusive Shower Mud Pan Masonry Spokane, where we provide the best quality of mud.
  • Veneer Rock Walls: We also provide wall building services and we use veneer rock to build this for our customers.


We offer masonry work for

  • Fireplaces
  • Exterior Decks
  • Flooring
  • Showers

All our services are waterproof and you can be rest assured about the quality of materials and experts that we bring forward to the table. So, contact us today, and get the best services when it comes to Masonry Spokane.

Rock Walls

Rock Walls Masonry Work

Brick Walls

Brick Walls Masonry Work

Veneer Rock Walls

Veneer Rock Walls Masonry Work

Cultured Rock

Cultured Rock Masonry Work

Leveling Floor

Leveling Floor Masonry Work

Shower Mud Pan

Shower Mud Pan Masonry Spokane

  • Pricing

    Exterior Decks$6576
    Masonry Works$3074
    Water Features$2845
    Water Proofing$2590
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What Does it Cost Per Foot?

    Pricing starts at $5 per foot based on the job details and materials.

    What kinds of stone do you have?

    We have all natural and man-made stones.

    How long does it take to do a job?

    About a week on average based on the project details and some jobs can be done in three days.